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Atm Skimmer


You can choose between TERMAL camera or very small camera!!!

How does the device work:

The very little spy webcamera is termal to catch the pin codes.

The skimmers form is being created on the basis of the pattern of the real ATM models, that’s why skimmer looks like an integral part of an ATM. The body of all skimmers is colored with the same paint that ATM manufacturers use (we are buying paints at the same facility). We take exactly the same color and hue required by the model of the real ATM. The technology of painting is the same, we reproduce all the necessary characteristics like the temperature, the angle of paint drop, the pressure, polymerization time etc. Thus, we achieved the full and precise compliance of the paint’s tone, gleam, hue at the different light angles, the paint’s surface feelings to the touch etc. In the real situations the skimmers really look like an integral part of ATM.

Our skimmers read out the magnetic strip in two ways, front and back and can read interrupted. The skimmers reads off the strip even if there is only 2 tracks on the strip (that happens with electrons). The data can be read off even if a holder passes the card changing speed or with a jerk. The skimmers fail-safely reads off data: 9,999 tries of 10,000 are successful. It works even if a holder passes the card fast and then slow it down.

All devices are powered with Li-Po batteries and the charger is delivered with devices. The NEW IMPROVED Li-Po battery can works fully up to 10 days because our skimmers have a stand-by future so this means the skimmer device with the termal camera is in the waiting(stand by) mode, consuming less energy. Only when the credit card pass over the skimmer head the device will be ON and after the credit card is pulled out the skimmer will be in stand-by mode again.


The prices depend by the battery life:

1 set = $1.000 for the 5 days battery
1 set = $1.300 for the 10 days battery

We always quickly ship orders worldwide. I don’t like unresolved questions that’s why it pays to deliver the order ASAP. The faster we send the better we sleep. That’s why we talk about selling only assembled and ready-to-go devices. In other words, you wouldn’t wait ages while your equipment is being assembled, tested etc. We sell only tested equipment.

How we do tests?
1. Every devices are tested for bugs during 24 hours marginally.
2. Every shell is trying on the native model to ensure ideal installation
3. Every shell is thoroughly checked for painting defects etc.

Shipment methods, terms and details are defined individually. We conduct shipment of every order using different methods, from different cities and countries for the security matters.

SMS Atm Skimmer

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