Hacking Tools, Cc's, ATM Skimmers ......



Created 09/17/2010 04:11:48 | Last change 07/04/2012 00:52:46
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well i write here because you are very reliable. i just want to say THANK YOU!
Your pin by sound with gsm device is awesome !!! just could not believe my self even if I have it in front of my eyes. Just awesome!! Thank you! You are legit.
Wow!!! You are the greatest!!!! the skimmer arrived in good condition and with no problem just like you said. It is good that you provide full help after i buy the product! Thank you!!
i just want to thank you for your sincerity. i make my living now in a way i never dream of it. God bless you.
I have bought 1 sms skimmer, the deal went smooth and clean, thnx guys!!! i recommend youto allothers who will buy from you guys in the future.