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Questions & Answers

We don't spam to get our stuff so the balances are dedicated. Unlike others in the business who uses phishing techniques which often produces a lot of null cards,we ensure you that we get cards which are active and full. If you want to buy you must know that is a minimum order amount.

What payment methods do i accept?
-I accept Western Union, Money Gram and Coin Money Transfer(https://www.cmtmoney.com/en/default.asp) ONLY !!!

Can I buy just one to test,so I can build trust?
If you have no money - don`t try to deal with me,don't ask for test. Don't come with your boring ,often lie stories of you just wanting one to test and you've been ripped before.I hate rippers who will come saying "i want to buy but i would like a test" I don't give test.How can you expect me to give you a platinum card free,or any cards? If I give to all persons ONE platinum to test I wouldn't have anything to sell.I get over 40 orders
a day on average.

What is the minimal order ?
- $300

Any discount-system ?
- If your order exceed $500 you get very good prices.

How can I guarantee that the software will work on my pc?
-I provide a FULL guarantee that all my software will work on your personal computers. Upon order include your operating system and I will give the appropriate version to you.

How you gonna send order to me ?
- I can send it by e-mail or can give you link to download txt-file with your order,I can fax your order or send it via MMS.

When do I get my order after payment ?
- Orders will be ready in 1 or 3 hours after I will pick up the money

Am i going to rip or scam you?Or can I be trusted?
-Think better if you gonna deal with me.If you suppose that I gonna rip you - just find another seller. I`m looking for serious customers only. Africans ;no offense but you have taught me to be more careful as most of you know how to rip and scam persons .
I am not an african and I am not from Africa

Please send an email to order at: tmsr206@aol.com